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Welcome to Enigma Wellness Clinic

The Enigma Approach
Enigma Wellness Clinic offers a unique integrated holistic approach combining Energy Healing, Chinese herbal medicine, Acupuncture and Reflexology.

Diagnosing and treating both common and complex conditions, clients suffering from Fatigue, Low mood, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep disorders benefit greatly as do those suffering from Fibromyalgia, Back-pain, Digestive Disorders, Sinus and Migraine, Hay Fever.

Maura has long specialised in fertility and Pregnancy induction as well as post pregnancy treatments to name but a small sample that can be treated effectively.

What clients say:
‘The healing begins as soon as you enter the room. Maura has created a warm, safe space where you feel immediately cared for. The session is extremely relaxing. Maura is very knowledgeable and does not only focus on the physical symptoms but uses her holistic approach to understand you as a person.’

Enigma Wellness Clinic is compliant for certain medical health plans and is now accepting new clients:
BOOK your consultation by contacting Maura on 0876486043 or email:

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