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Maura Farragher RGN, RM, Lic.Ac, Dip AC, (Cert) Nanjing Dip Chinese Herbal Medicine,  has been has been involved in providing medical care through both western and traditional complementary medicine for almost 30 years.

After qualifying as a Registered General Nurse in 1993 and a Registered Midwife in 1997,  Maura continued to work in an acute healthcare setting for a further 10 years.

Always keeping a keen interest in Complementary Therapies, she completed a Diploma in Reflexology and then later went on to study Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for 3 years with the Acupuncture Foundation in Dublin, Ireland. Having received her Diploma, she worked in hospitals in China affiliated with Nanjing University of TCM. She then completed a post-graduate Diploma in Chinese herbal medicine.

Maura has formerly served as a Board Member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association (AFPA) for several years working with the Executive Committee and its growing base of professional members to raise awareness and setting strict standards of practice in Ireland and is also a Member of the Irish Herbal Association.

Passionate about Holistic approaches to achieving personal wellness, Maura's driving mission for the Enigma Wellness Clinic is to deliver integrated holistic therapies personalised for each individual client to restore overall well-being and  their ability to enjoy a full life.

'For anyone looking for an acupunturist that will go the extra mile and take the time to really get to the root cause of an issue and who is methodical in their approach to help the body recover its balance …..look no further…..Maura is one in a million!’…….Maria

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