Stress & Anxiety Programme


Stress & Anxiety Programme Overview

(1 Month Programme)

I know everyone is feeling very stressed and fearful at moment in this current environment, between mainstream media and social media there is no getting away from it so we must protect our energy and mental health and take back our power not to mention busy-ness of our day to day lives.. and I know how you feel. Stress and anxiety can cause enormous toll on our bodies if left unchecked and unaddressed.

Programme Content:
  • One initial Consultation based on history of overall health and wellbeing of person, any past medical issues, sleep pattern, diet, anxiety issues, stress and lifestyle advice as well Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis based on history. This will be completed online or at my clinic in very supportive compassionate environment.
  • Two further Energy Healing & Mentoring sessions which works on transference of energy, healing and resolving issues old and new which manifests as stress, anxiety, digestive issues, mood and sleep disturbance in the body. This can be identified and cleared and most importantly the underlying issue is addressed and coping strategies are given in order to build up resilience.
  • A besboke prescription is prepared based on individual’s diagnosis and needs. The Chinese Herbal prescription will be made using a prescription combination of Chinese Herbs ground together based on diagnosis tailored to persons needs.
  • It is easy to take and comes in powdered formula. Dosage will be twice daily. The duration of the prescription is one month duration.
  • People feel very calm, balanced experiencing inner peace following my Energy Healing treatments as well as practical empathetic advise on diet and lifestyle issues and the feeling of being listened to and heard. The fear of future events due our current environment such as Health & financial worries which we feel is out of our control!
  • As we cannot control life events, we need to work on our inner selves by taking back our power which guides our own internal compass steering us to a more balanced centred life. This healing can be done online using zoom, whats app or facetime or at my clinic and involves consultation also. 1.15hr

Stress & Anxiety Programme


Benefits of Stress & Anxiety Programme

  • Offers a supportive, empathetic environment with a unique Enigma Wellness Approach to Health & Well-being.
  • Beneficial for all age groups
  • Re-Balances Physical, Mental & Emotional Well-Being of the Person
  • Advice and Mentoring on Life-style issues as well shifting and resolving deep emotional issues pertinent to the initial consultation.
  • Bespoke herbal prescription based on traditional Chinese Medicine tailor-made to the individual’s specific diagnosis.
  • Assists in moving stagnant or blocked energy and providing a helping hand to move forward with your life.
  • Individuals feel more Calm, Peaceful & Centred after the Energy Healing & Private Mentoring treatments.

To arrange a 1:1 Consultation, Text +353876486043 or follow the link to Book!