“I feel very lucky to have met someone so talented and caring as Maura. I enjoy going to each appointment and feel at ease in her presence. She is very dedicated to her work and genuinely wants the best for her client. I have visited a lot of practitioners in this field and would rank Maura as one of the best. Highly recommend”…..Marie

‘I have been attending Maura for some years now. Most winters I get periods of intense ear pain and sinus pain. I used to take pain killers but now I go to Maura. The healing begins as soon as you enter the room. Maura has managed to create a warm, safe space where you feel immediately cared for. The session is extremely relaxing . Maura is very knowledgeable and does not only focus on the physical symptoms but uses her holistic approach to understand you as a person. I would highly recommend Maura for her unique approach to complimentary therapy’…Ger

‘I actively recommend Maura for treatments whether you are trying to address a fertility issue or are just being proactive about your overall well-being. Maura has a very warm and calm manner and is keen to put you at ease immediately and ensures you get the best care. The depth of knowledge and experience in Therapeutic Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine that Maura has is second to none. I find the environment to be a very restful one where I can relax while Maura practices what I find to be very effective acupuncture treatments’….Kevin

‘ When I first came to Maura I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. Following numerous blood tests I was told by doctors that we had very little chance of conceiving naturally.

From the outset, Maura set out to establish the root cause of my issue and ensured that I received the most effective treatment. Maura treats mind, body and spirit through acupuncture, reflexology and healing. In addition, Maura provides herbal tinctures, dietary advice and highlights necessary lifestyle changes. Perhaps, most importantly, Maura’s warm, personable approach makes what is a most difficult journey a lot less stressful.

Within 4 months I had renewed energy and was ecstatic to find that I was pregnant! I look forward to Maura’s appointments- they are invaluable!’…. Michelle

‘I first met Maura approximately 7 years ago when i was referred to her by someone I know for chinese herbs and acupuncture.
Myself and my husband had been having fertility treatment for a number of years unsuccessfully including miscarriage,failed iui and ivf.
From the minute I met Maura i knew that we had made the right decision.
She immediately reassured me after our first consultation that she felt that she could help by correcting the imbalances in my body.
The first thing that struck me about Maura was her calmness….her accupunture sessions were so relaxing and nurturing that I would usually fall asleep!Her background in nursing and midwifery gives her a solid understanding of different medical problems and she has such a deep knowledge of chinese medicines and herbs that I always felt that I was in the best of hands……..and I was!

Maura gave me a realistic timeframe of how long she felt it would take for my body to be in a good place to achieve a pregnancy and at each session she tweaked the herbs and treatment.

Maura isnt just a wonderful acupuncturist ,she is a total professional and always went that extra mile to help us achieve our dream.
Sometimes I think back to when i first met Maura…how desperate we were and how comforted I was by Maura and her approach.

I feel so lucky to have met and been treated by her over the past number of years and I am so grateful to her for helping us and I will never be able to thank her enough for my 3 beautiful boys that I know wouldnt exist only for her.
For anyone looking for an accupunturist that will go the extra mile and take the time to really get to the root cause of an issue and who is methodical in their approach to help the body recover its balance …..look no further…..Maura is one in a million!’…….Maria


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